Tuesday, July 1, 2008

I really do hate blogs.

This is me going out of my "hate box" of blogging. I'm actually quite proud of myself for this...yet, it might take a while for me to catch on. (Hannah you better appreciate this... :)

5 Things You Should Know About Me:

1. I relish everyday in developing an even deeper relationship with my Savior.
2. I am currently in my second Anatomy & Physiology class and more than ever ready to be done with my nursing pre-reqs.

3. Dancing is my passion, my destiny, and my way of telling the Lord how much I love Him.
4. I believe popcorn is essential to life as we know it.
5. I am learning what it means to not only love truth...but to be truthful.

Today I:

1. Got a good grade on a lab test!

2. Went shopping with my favorite gal.
3. Chose to forgive...again.

More to come...until then, your faithful aspiring nurse,

Amanda Rose